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✊ Why I am making another Twitter course, 1 question interviews and more...

πŸš€ Updates on the 25in25 challenge | The Indie Creator | Issue #40

Hey there πŸ‘‹

Hope you're good.

So I've got 2 of updates for you about the 25in25 challenge.

But before that, I want to invite you for today's Indie MBA event with Alex Llull.

It's about going from consumer to creator.

It's free for anyone to join, and it's happening in the next few hours at 3 PM GMT.

Alex Llull Indie MBA

It's going to be a really fun conversation.

Excited for it. Make sure you register here.

I will start the call around 10 minutes before the scheduled time. So see you there πŸ€—

25 in 25 πŸš€

So the Indie Masterminds program sold out last nightπŸ₯³

I got 12 signups - $430 in sales over 7 days.

I am just sorting the groups today, will create a Slack channel and invite everyone.

Will schedule calls from next week.

4 calls over 4 weeks for each group. Should be fun 🀩

Biggest lesson over the last 7 days?

Twitter and email are my best channels for conversion. I tried Reddit, HN, IH, Medium but didn't get any sale from anywhere.

Got 5 sales via email, and 7 sales via Twitter.

So that's where I'm going to focus my energy now.

Some more stats in this tweet:

Blue Bird Essentials πŸ¦‰

This week's launch is a 7 day email course about Twitter.

I launched it last night.

Started at $0 for the first 20 people, and then raised prices gradually. At the time of writing it's crossed $100 in revenue.

Extremely grateful πŸ™

If you want to get it, check it out here.

But why another Twitter course?

Yes, I asked this question myself.

But I there are 3 reasons why I think there is space for 1 more Twitter course:

1. You can learn more from someone 2 steps ahead of you than someone 10 steps ahead of you. So for folks with less than 1000 followers, I can share more valuable tips than a 50,000+ follower account.

2. Audience building will become a niche skill like copywriting, or design or coding. So every practitioner can teach it in their own way. The broad rules may remain the same, but the real value will come from the nuanced tips and specific tricks that someone can offer.

3. I can add my own flavor to this topic - I can make it unique, share my lessons and experiences, and it can be an accumulation of everything I know about Twitter growth. So if someone asks me a question in the future, then I can point them to this resource.

I think these are reasons enough for me to be making this course. Let me know what you think.

Just hit reply :)

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ1 Question Interviews

This week's 1 question interview is with Sathya.

Sathya is the founder of the amazing visuals account on Twitter - Yellow Visuals.

He is a solo creator and entrepreneur, someone who we have a lot to learn from.


Question to Sathya:

"How should visual artists approach their entrepreneurship journey?

What products and services can they offer and what's the best place to get customers from?”

Sathya's Answer:

  • First step: Build a portfolio of your digital assets on the internet

  • Second, practice permissionless apprenticeship to build credibility and social proof.

  • Third, you can use Twitter or any other platform for consuming or sharing; Another way is to use it for networking

  • Fourth, general perception with online money is to make a passive income by selling a digital product, e-book, template, course or something similar, but passive income is not really passive.

  • Finally, pursue extreme specialization, rather than broad generalization (T or B or whatever shaped it might be)

This was actually an abridged version of Sathya's fantastic answer.

You can read the whole answer below with a detailed explanation of each pointπŸ‘‡

Sathya Creator interview

You can find other 1 question interviews on the site as well, they will be linked below this post.

πŸ‘‹ Bottomline

I'll be rotating the sections in the newsletter, it was getting too long with all the sections. And last week's poll revealed that most people want all the sections πŸ™ˆ

So I will try to have all of them over a period of 4 weeks instead of every week. Will help me keep the newsletter lean.

Now, let's wrap up.

My top 3 tweets of last week:

129 incredible book recommendations below this Tweet:

You can start selling a product in 30 minutes, what's stopping you?

In 2022 - Sales is a bigger challenge than product.

That's why I'm doing the 25in25 challenge, trying to sell products before building them. Let's see how it goes.

That's my time this week. See you next week πŸ‘‹

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I don’t mind.

No hard feelings.

I’d rather you unsubscribe than not open the newsletter.

But if you do enjoy it.

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