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πŸ™ˆ I'm doing a crazy challenge, launching something new, and how to have multiple revenue streams as a creator

πŸš€ Launch Alert | Updates from The Indie Creator | Issue #39

Hey there πŸ‘‹

Hope you're good.

Before I get into my crazy challenge, I have a quick update for you.

Last night I launched a mastermind program.

So that solopreneurs like me and you can get honest feedback, advice and support from like minded people who mean business.

If you're serious about bootstrapping your business or monetizing your side hustle, make sure to check out the early bird, no brainer launch offer I created for youπŸ‘‡

Now, onto my crazy challenge πŸ™ˆ

I'm doing 25 in 25.

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

I've taken up a challenge to launch 25 products/services over the next 25 weeks.

The one you saw above, was the first of these 25.

I think this is the best way to accelerate my learning around building and selling products.

Most products have a simple path:

Idea > Build > Launch > Sell > Iterate > Keep selling

But there’s a risk of building something nobody wants, wasting time and effort into a dead project.

Also, I’ve felt that the most learning happens in the β€œLaunch > Sell” phase in any product’s journey.

So I’m flipping the script. I’m bringing the learning phase as early as possible.

I’m going:

Idea > Launch > Sell > Build > Iterate > Keep selling 

I have a list of 33 ideas at this point, I don't know which one is going to work. So I might as well ask people to buy and see what happens.


No? Do let me know what you think πŸ˜…

You can read my detailed reasoning on this page I created on my site πŸ‘‡

And you can read people's reactions under this tweet:

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ1 Question Interviews

As a creator I want to have multiple streams of income. I try to build them everyday, but I needed a better framework to think about them.

So I asked someone who's a master at this - Daren Smith.

Daren Smith

Question to Daren:

β€œHow should creators think about multiple revenue streams, especially when starting out. What's the best strategy to build a business around their creations?”

Daren's Answer:

β€œI like to think of my business as a whole dream world that's behind a door. I'm standing at the door, inviting people in, letting them know what's on the other side (marketing) so that they can decide if that's right for them or not.

There's no entry fee. You don't have to pay to enter, even with just your email address. I open the door and people can enter if they choose to.

Once inside, they see a whole world that's built out for them. I say dream world because I want it to feel like this is the reality that they've always dreamed of, but have never experienced...."

Daren goes deep into the dream world analogy and gives a mind blowing answer. It's too long for email, but make sure to read it in this post πŸ‘‡

How to create multiple revenue streams as a creator

You can find other 1 question interviews on the site as well, they will be linked below this post.

πŸ¦‰ Know your β€œWhy” on Twitter

I wrote a post talking about the big questions in your Twitter journey.

How do you make a broad plan for this project.

Before you even start applying any tactical tips, it’s important to take a broad view of your Twitter goals.

This is a 500 feet view of your Twitter goals.

If you're looking to build an audience on Twitter, you will find this 2 minute post worth reading

Enjoy - 

Know your Why on Twitter

πŸ€” Seeking your opinion

I'm reflecting on the goals of this newsletter.

And I would love to get your opinion on it.

Tell me what type of content do you want the most here:

Just click any of the links above to register your vote.

Or hit reply and let me know what you want more of in this newsletter.

Your opinion really matters to me.

Thanks πŸ™

✍️ Pro Tip of the week

Have a personal blog.

Document your journey, your thinking, your struggles.

Your spiky point of view.

Build a digital library you can point to any time someone asks you an interesting question about your work or life.

For the last few weeks I've become more intentional towards my personal blog, and it's just been amazing 🀩

🎟️ Important Announcement

The next Indie MBA event is around going from consumer to creator.

The first step to building a business around your creations.

And it's with none other than Alex Llull.

It's on June 20th, 3 PM GMT, and it will happen over a Zoom call

If you want in, make sure to register by clicking on the picture below πŸ‘‡

Alex Llull Indie MBA

πŸ‘‹ Bottomline

My top 3 tweets of last week:

180 pieces of incredible life advice under this tweet:

Shared an article about Ben Tossell of Makerpad:

Interesting discussion about seeking feedback on your ideas.

(The answers here pushed me to launch indie masterminds. There really isn't a proven way to get feedback on your products, we need to fix that)

That's my time this week.  See you next week πŸ‘‹

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No hard feelings.

I’d rather you unsubscribe than not open the newsletter.

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