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Updates from The Indie Creator | Issue #43

Something interesting came up during one of the mastermind calls today morning.

We were discussing the importance of feedback and accountability in our solo journeys.

And from the conversation I realized how these weekly Zoom calls have become a bit more than that. Support and camaraderie have also become valuable elements.

Just talking with people about your own struggles, or listening to them share their struggles has so much power to lift our spirits.

I hadn't thought about this impact before.

The indie masterminds program was mostly about feedback and accountability, but from today's conversation I realized that actually my goal is to build an entire support system for solopreneurs.

Startup founders who take venture funding already have a huge support network to assist them - investors, mentors, coaches, board members. 

They even have co-founders and team mates for feedback and support.

But solopreneurs, indie hackers, creators working for themselves don't have any organized setup for support.

There are a few communities they can hang out in sure. There are some paid ones as well.

There's value in joining paid communities, yes.

I'm part of a few myself.

But I think the community model breaks down at scale. The community founder wants more people inside to optimize revenue, but the more people join the more noisy a community becomes.

Also the async feedback and advise you get there is pretty generic and sporadic. You can't count on getting personalized feedback in a Discord group with 500 people, can you?

Sorry, not going to rant 😅

But just want to say that my faith in the mastermind principle has multiplied by 10X over the last 3 weeks of running the indie masterminds program.

And with time, I see it as growing much bigger into an entire system to support solo founders and creators.

All the products I'm building are focused on this goal as well. (Be it Copy OS that I launched last week, or The User Interviews Playbook that I launched last night, or a bunch of products before that)

All of these products serve the same purpose - Make it easier for people to build and grow their bootstrapped businesses.

Either through teaching skills, strategies and tactics or through providing support, accountability and feedback.

That's why now I'm doing 2 things to improve the mastermind program for next month:

1. I'm adding every product I've ever made as a bonus to the indie mastermind program.

Members will get everything I've made so far as a bonus to there registration. The bonuses bundle itself has 8 products right now 😅

2. I'm launching co-working sessions.

This is based on a suggestion by a member that there should be an office like space where you can walk up to a colleague and have a casual chat or a break during the workday.

I get it - working alone all day in front of a laptop with no real human communication can be lonely. This is perhaps the one thing I miss about my 9-5 office life 😅

That's why I think this will be really interesting. Just have to figure out how to execute on this idea well. Looking for independent tools or maybe I should just use Zoom's "breakout rooms" feature.

Let's see, will find a way.

Anyways, I'll start promoting the August masterminds on Twitter from next week.

But if you want to register before that to get the early bird discount, then make sure you join from this link 👇

That page has all the details you will need, including the bonuses. 

And of course, there's a 100% money back guarantee - so if you don't find the program valuable at the end of the month, I'll refund you.

So you've got nothing to lose 🤷

Feel free to reach out if you have any doubts or questions.

Let's move on now - 

How to be an embedded entrepreneur with Arvid Kahl

For one of the Indie MBA events last month, I had the privilege to host Arvid Kahl.

Over a zoom call with dozens of founders we talked about a bunch of topics around solopreneurship.-

  • 💰 How to be an embedded entrepreneur

  • 🐦 Building a Twitter audience

  • 😪 Dealing with burnout

  • 📈 Prism of Wealth Creation

I uploaded the Zoom recording on YouTube, you can watch it here - 

Do let me know what you think, I'm planning the next event, will share an update when it's setup.

You will be able to register and attend it for free.

✍️ Pro Tip of the week

Actually a bunch of personal productivity tips this week.

I've set some rules for myself that allow me to do my best work:

  • 🎯 Only 1 top priority task every day

  • ✋ No meetings on Mondays and Fridays

  • 😴 30 minute afternoon nap on work days

  • 🤷 Don't work with people that give me stress

I think these rules help me focus on the things that matter and maintain my mental health in the process.

Otherwise its easy to fall into the trap of "busy" work and get overwhelmed by it all.

I understand that I'm privileged and that I'm able to do this because I don't have a full time 9-5 job.

But I think even if you do have a job, you should setup productivity systems and rules that work for you the best.

🎁 Giveaway Time

So I reached 4000 Twitter followers today, yay 🤩

To celebrate, I am giving away Kevon Cheung's book Find Joy in Chaos to 4 people randomly.

If you want to get the book, you can enter the giveaway from the tweet below 👇

👋 Bottomline

These were my best performing tweets from last week - 

Some great insights into how to prevent churn for a startup:

I asked for advice, and got great value in return:

PS: I've decided not to go with any of the options, they are all not worth it in the long run.

But sure as hell feel great to be approached 🙈

Earnings from my new Gumroad account crossed $2000 in 4 months last week

Sales with info products are often spiky. That's why I'm going with a portfolio approach and building a bunch of small products that generate revenue independent of each other.

I'm not going for monthly recurring revenue from a single product. I am going to for average monthly revenue from a bunch of products.

I hope this strategy works 🤞

Thank you for reading.

That's my time this week.  See you next week 👋

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