😈 My 3 step master plan - revealed

✊ Updates from The Indie Creator | Issue #47

Hey friend πŸ‘‹

Today I'm going to talk about my 3 Step Master Plan to take over the world πŸ˜…

And how you can benefit from it.

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BTW - I got a new domain and a swanky new landing page.

The Gumroad page wasn't doing justice to the value the program can bring.

I think it's beautiful, but I'm biased 😍

Do tell me what you think of it.

Here's what the "above the fold" section looks like -

Indie Masterminds

Shout out of the week

This week I want to give a huge shutout to John Bardos and his Idea Economy Newsletter.

John writes a great curation newsletter on the topic of indie businesses and the creator economy. (My favorite topics)

Inspired by him I had started doing curation in this newsletter as well for a while. But I couldn't do it as good as he was doing, so I had to change focus πŸ˜…

So yea, if you find the best content from around the web, then sign up to his newsletter. I liked a recent issue where he shared Mark Mansons' interview-

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My 3 Step Master Plan

So I got this Twitter DM a few days ago -

"You're a crazy monster, but a good crazy"πŸ˜†

I'm sure I deserve it.

I've got similar reactions from many people ever since I started the 25in25 challenge.

I basically launch 1 product every week for 25 weeks.

Yes! It's exactly what it sounds like.

But there is method to this madness. That's what I want to talk about today.

Some people have told me that I shouldn't go so broad with so many products and instead should actually go deep into 1 product.

I see their point.

And in a way, I'm actually doing that.

While from the outside it may look like I'm throwing paint on a wall and expecting a masterpiece to take shape automatically.

What I'm really doing is solving different problems for the same person -

A solopreneur who values their freedom and wants to build a profitable 1 person business.

Someone who doesn't want to do the regular 9-9 grind as a corporate slave all their life.

(Me from 3 years ago 🀷)

My products are aimed at solving small, specific problems in that person' journey.

And I assume you are that person as well.

So here's my plan to help you -

Step 1:

Help you monetize your passion, build a side hustle and eventually quit your job.

For that I'm building simple products like Maker Toolkit - 100+ Tools for creators, founders and makers to run a profitable business.

(A free product for someone just starting out)

And a while back, I had written The Solo Founder Playbook. - The 5 step process of finding success as an indie hacker.

And there are more similar products lined up.

Step 2:

Help you find a profitable market, build an audience and build the right product. And also start generating freelance income on the side.

For that I recently launched The User Interviews Playbook and previously I had launched Make Money With Words and Blue Bird Essentials.

More products lined up.

Step 3:

Help you make money from your products and scale your business.

For that I launched Copy OS and The Landing Page Playbook.

Of course, more products lined up.

My master plan is basically to help YOU win.

Because I win only when you win πŸ€—

Of course, all of these products are bundled into the indie masterminds program.

Because that is one product I think that can give you value at every stage in your journey.

So when you are ready to join, you don't have to buy anything else, you get all of these products as bonuses and never have to look outside for information, guidance or help.

One of the members recently said on a call - this program is becoming a complete support system for solo founders and creators.

Those are big words and I want to live up to that promise πŸ™

Let's hope I can 🀞

And that is the only plan I have πŸ˜…

✍️ Pro Tip of the week

Set up automated price increase in your Gumroad products.

I did this recently with one of my products - Copy OS.

Gumroad allows you to set variants of your product. And it also allows you to set the maximum quantity for each variant.

So I set 3 variants for the product - $10, $20 and $30. With limited slots for each variant.

Now I didn't have to go and increase the price after every few sales. This is also a natural way of price discovery.

Find out more in this tweet and the discussions under it.

πŸ‘‹ Bottomline

These were my best performing tweets from last week -Β 

This week marked exactly 1 year since I quit my job to go solo.

Got a lot of love for this reflection thread -

Also read this quick blog post I wrote with updates on the 3 aspects of my life that I care about the most - Health, Wealth and Relationships.

If you work a full time job, this re-frame might help you -

Got my 1st landing page audit client within 6 hours of launching the service🀩

Also, delivered the audit within 48 hours and he was quite happy with the audit as well.There are fewer things better in life than a delightful customer πŸ˜€

Thank you for reading πŸ™

That's my time this week.Β  See you next week πŸ‘‹

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